Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Caroline Hartley writes

Day 163 16.05.16

With hope but hesitance
a residence we view.
A new home
would glow with our hearts.
We start making plans
scan the map and sat nav
then travel toward
this affordable board.
Floored upon arrival
by vital disrepair
we query the addressee
with our fears.
It appears
there's an inferior
interior door
installed for the front entrance.
(Senseless as the sun shines
right through the gaps.)
The damp inside
lines the walls
with black spores
causing an intoxicating stink.
Heart sinking I notice the sink
sitting on a stick
(about two inches thick)
and think about how
they're allowed to rent this place out.
Astounded by the way
the agency claims
a home owners guaranty
to secure a tenancy.

Black walls in the corners
warn of spores and more problems

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