Monday, November 7, 2016

Ardita Jatru writes


I left 
and by my eyes I measured the way to the sky 
because there I had to go 
and I went with noise without knowing the path that leads over
I walked and I have found myself in front of a church 
and I went inside. 
There were just me and the priest 
and some lit candles for wishes, prayers 
and souls of the dead. 
I sat in a corner 
and saw the dome of the church that was ascending 
and getting up until it was open, became a celestial hole 
and then the rain fell on me and I thought of you.
And I was back again. 
I opened the door 
and we were unable to say a word 
but we were drowned into kisses by nails΄ hooks 
and you held me tight in your chest 
then we both cried 
and with a voice as were from the bottom of the sea 
I said to you: I don’t want to go anymore! 
And we were wrapped up by our shell, we closed it up 
and we remembered the beautiful things 
and the tomorrow weather, we thought, what color would  it have?

You went silently 
You always do your things silently 
I am the confusion. 
You closed the door slightly behind 
and what happened to you then I do not know 
but I know about myself, that I was hidden inside of cigarette
until you came back again. 
You appeared at the door as good breaking news 
in the midst of mourning. 
You had dissipated the smoke by your breath 
and the same thing happened again. 
We were drowned into kisses, 
you held me tight in your chest till an "oh" 
and we dangled on our arms as though exhausted
then we laughed it up with ourselves as it was all a joke 
and suddenly you got a serious look 
and in a watery look as a delicate baby you said: 
I don’t want to go away from you!

Until one day neither of us had guts to escape. 
We changed the lock. 
We set the key. 
We weren’t young anymore.
 --tr. Laureta Petoshati

 ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) in the Castello di San Giorgio in Mantua
Camera degli Sposi, Castello di San Girogio, Mantova -- Andrea Mantegna

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  1. The Camera degli Sposi ("bridal chamber") is a room frescoed with illusionistic paintings by Andrea Mantegna in the Castello di San Giorgio in Mantova (Mantua), Italy, painted between 1465 and 1474. The ceiling presents an oculus ( a circular opening in the center of a dome) that seems to open into a blue sky, with foreshortened putti (cherubs) frolicking around a balustrade. This was one of the earliest di sotto in sù ("seen from below" or "from below, upward") ceiling paintings, an example of Trompe-l'œil ("deceive the eye"), an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions; the technique often uses foreshortened figures and an architectural vanishing point to create the perception of true space on a painted ceiling above the viewer. The work was commissioned by Ludovico III Gonzaga, for the castle that was part of the family's residence from 1328 to 1707, when the dynasty died out. Bartolino da Novara, one of the leading military architects of the time, and had a square plan with four corner towers, surrounded by a ditch with three entrances, each one with a drawbridge. In 1459 Luca Fancelli restored the castle. Mantegna created an illusionistic space throughout the chamber, as though it were a loggia with three openings facing country landscapes among arcades and curtains.


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