Saturday, November 12, 2016

[She came draped in birdsong]

She came draped in birdsong
among those tender ponds they'd planted
for us
among our dressgreen lawns.
her smile feathered into action:
a fowler's net over us unwary all
(and I, admittedly, no less the nestling than another).
And when she'd left
our ponds in tatters,
our lawns gone feral again,
her shoes still twittered
in the new forest of I's
(some trees fallen, some blazed).

-- Duane Vorhees 




I'm sorry we never walked arm/in/arm,
but that was from my own defects
and not your guise.
Next to your lovely limbs I'm left un/armed and fallen.

If I never said you were beautiful,
then it was from my tongue's neglect
and not my eyes'
(I could tell you were lovely at once, but not tell you.)

Then I finally stripped down to humble,
paraded for you my regrets,
frustrations, sighs. . . .

 Keep my rubble. 
You may require fill material.

--Duane Vorhees

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  1. Elle est vetue en chanson d'oiseaux
    parmi ces ruisselets delicates faits par eux
    pour nous
    au milieu des champs habilles en vert.
    Son sourire a actionne
    tout de suite,
    le reseau d'un oiseleur au-dessus de nous n'a fait peur a personne
    (et moi, mettons que je n'etais moins un poussin comme les autres);
    et quand elle a quitte en haillons
    nos etangs
    et les champs se sont tournes funebres de nouveau
    ses soulluirs ont tremble encore
    dans la foret d'ego

    --tr. Alina Duminica & Dorin Popa


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