Sunday, November 20, 2016

Parveen Sethi writes

Come let's both paint verses
on the face of the moon tonight
Eclipsed yesterday, yet it has survived
Could you please hold the ladder
as I climb up with some color and a brush
The world sleeps unaware so let's hush
I will write a Lullaby
You write a song
Together then we will make its tune
with notes short and long
Could you then please sing it to me
to sleep every night
The song of the moon we will call it
The song we together made alright
Aah the dreams in my eyes sting and hurt
Made of this and that and some stardust
Take them all and put them away please
Who needs them anymore
As long as in your arms I can  sleep
With you holding me tight
......night after night

I Watercolor Monochromatic Indigo Moons -- Michal Friese

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