Thursday, November 24, 2016

Heather Jephcott writes

A Clean Slate 

I am to be found
in His hands.
He is the only one
who can do
this wonderful wiping.
I'm incapable
and ever will be.

He holds me
wiping clean
with magical wipes
soaked in His life blood.

All that is ugly of the past
He wipes away...
spots, large, small, dark
and ones I can hardly see.

He and only He
is the one who wipes
my slate clean.

And then...
you ask me
why I love Him,
why I desire to follow Him
why I enjoy being kept
securely in His hands?!

The answer is simply,
there is no other.
He is the one who sees clearly
and has the grace,
the love, the kindness,
the patience
to keep on wiping
into the present
as well as the future.

He is the one in whom
I can relax, rest,
He never grows tired
of seeing to me,
being with me..

Today I see His tears.
It was not,
it is not,

But then I see His smile...
full of love,
for me.

 clean chalkboard

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