Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monica Oswal writes

Your lips moved in a rhythm
that only I understood,
songs you had sung eons ago
lie abandoned in the deep recesses of my heart,
though forgotten by you

On these sparkling nights,
I sit ashore
all alone
over the edge of a jagged cliff,
my longings dangling
by a weak hook of a solitary tear
marked by your initials

A surging ocean of crystalline water
gathers around my feet
Through the haze of my sighs I see you

Singing the same songs tuned on different notes,
away on a far away island
now oblivious of my existence

Bottomless seas,
boundless sky
now Emotions
divide us
 Painting, 'Moonlight Meditation' shows a woman sitting, legs astride, feet in the water as fish float above her in full moonlight.
 Moonlight Meditation -- Terry Johnson

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