Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Anoucheka Gangabissoon writes and shoots

The Flow of Life

I live my life as if I were a mere particle of dust
Flying around with the course of the forceful gust
Landing there where this power wishes to drive me
Seeking naught but to indulge more and more, in its mystery

For Life is a mere game
Finding the way out is an impossible feat
Having struggled a few times over with its twists
I now prefer to go with its flow

To go with its flow, yes, and to accept my whims
To appease my wants
To calm my tantrums
To enjoy its being

Life shall not last
It never does last
So why should I fret
Why should I seek to attain the impossible

Perfection has never been an attribute of humankind;
That's the very reason why we are millions on this Earth
The talents of my friend are not necessarily mine
The strengths of my foe are not necessarily mine

But living we all are, cohabiting on an Earth which belongs not to us
Pray, we should all live it with pleasure
Yes, life's purpose is still unknown
That is why, we should all live our lives like dust particles

Letting ourselves be blown by the blowing winds
Going wherever they want us to be
While being always, merry and content
For Life, a mere game, is the sole power to know of its purpose!


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