Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nick Burnett writes

Death is so inviting 
She is so easy
The fearless go chasing
Don't be so afraid of life
It may just be you don't know the difference between lust and love
Please do come take a thrill ride with me
Learn how to live alone
Worthy note of writing music Wordly
Where is it you call humble abode
What defines you
Me Dexter rollaDex
Rolex a touch of elegance
Please do come to my wrist
It is my wish to show you off on many occasions
Be possessed by you my dear
You have no idea the attention I will pay to such time piece
I will admire you from a top shelf
Envious wear your pearl face
To become Presidential
No race take your time the faceless
Come daunting greed entice me
So inviting success
I will wait me turn in line
When he doesn't appreciate you like I do
Life's past has taught me a lesson or two
I will be there as I am
To be profound my lost treasure
You have only begun to be explored my elegance
Look into my fruition grant my dreams
Become my wish a pond frog
a dance with Destiny My dear
I come reaping to your soul
I want all that you have in spirit
The suppressed in your silence lamb
I'm all of your darkness
Give it to me death, take your very best shot
I come daunting 

1. Painted over.
2. Coloring and Anatomy.
Try to watch out for how the skeleton looks even when it’s blocked by her arm - in fact, sketch out what it looks like if her arm wasn’t there. You’ll find that it’s a little off. I changed the arm position...

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