Tuesday, October 2, 2018

dah writes

The Balance Between

At the margin along fog and sea
the line is like a photoengraving
only here it blends with gray

She asks: Then the gray line is the balance
between life and death
and from this rises heaven?

Suddenly the wind,
a rush of winter. Sand,
the harpoons of space
stinging like nettle

We run for cover
along the narrow paths between coastal sages

A flock of starlings take the sky
only to dive down
to strip the berries
from nearby bushes

Pressed together, a percussive pulse between us
I unbutton her shirt and like a starling
savor her dark berries. Our bodies shift
so her skirt lifts
and my grazing hardness
finds its way between the savage obedience
of her thighs

This is the moisture that steams
into breathlessness

The sand-infested wind whips our skin
the gray line slinks excitedly around us
Oh, heavenly rise!
Image result for love on the beach paintings
Love Beach  1 --  Simon Shegelmann
Love Beach 2 --  Simon Shegelmann

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