Thursday, May 18, 2017

J. S. Aanand writes


O my sons my daughters
And their sons and daughters
Friends of friends and theirs furtheron

My friends my enemies
And from you that emerge
A million thoughts

O.. Keep me busy..
I am not averse to the hate stories
I am not antithetical to crime

O my dear life
Full of noise and fury
Thank you.

You have saved me
Till my death
From that Void

Which tries to talk to me in silence.
Tries to find me alone.
Waylays me when I am lonely..

And threatens me with myriad
Tortures. Am I made for
This.. what is this beauty for?

Why these charms?
Why sweet kids? Excuse me O Vacancies.
I am not for you.
Image result for dark man alone paintings
Portrait Of A Dead Man -- Damien Mammoliti

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