Sunday, May 28, 2017

George Reece writes & performs


Take me to the record store and
Make me listen to some more of all that stuff you like,
The old guys in the guitar band and
Maybe we could get a drink and
Maybe you could make me think about the kinds of things
I wouldn't really think about myself.

Outside it's raining and it's looking kinda drab,
But I don't care as long as we can share a cab.

We'll look each other in the eyes
And laugh at our plain-sight disguise,
And this will be the best day of our lives!

Let's eat the things we never eat and
Let's meet the folks we never meet and
Do the kinds of things we never thought that we could do like
Go swimming in Trafalgar Square and
Start singing on the tube somewhere and
Maybe if there's time we'll stop a while and listen to the world.

Some people think that just for them world was made,
But we'll make our own world inside the great parade.

We'll take a chance at being brave,
We'll have each other's lives to save,
We'll face the things we wanna do,
And do them like we wanted to,
And this will be the best day of our lives!

Maybe you're the best of me,
This may be how the rest should be,
But who am I to tell 'em what to do?
In many ways I think that we've got secrets we could share,
But I only wanna share these things with you.

Let's go listen to a song and
Let's both try to sing along but
Making up the words, cause we don't really know 'em anyway.
Let's get tickets to a show and
Sit in the twenty-second row and
Say what we would do if we were in that world instead of them.

And then we'd argue over who would walk who home,
But I don't care as long as no one's home alone.

We'll look back on the day we tried,
And I think we'll be satisfied,
Cause every day I spend with you,
It's like a dream is coming true.
Tomorrow we'll get up at ten
And go and do it all again
And this will be the best day of our lives!

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