Saturday, June 10, 2017

Micheal Ace writes

I'm slipping off
Into the bitter side of love
And the sweet phase of war
I'm speaking in tongues
Bleeding lust and disgust
Bleeding negativity and death
And walking in the path of a dick
Pulling through a virgin sister
Making her scream her blood out
In a tone that smells pain
And shame
And disdain
I'm slipping off
Into the beautiful side of hell
And the fiery phase of heaven
I'm becoming a prophet tonight
Preaching darkness and wildness
Leading men to a wilderness of no green
But fire
Pulling through every boys and girl
In a red ink
And a blue blink
This is battle cry, and no one lives
No one sleeps and no one dreams

The Prophet Hears the Absence of God in his Own Idols -- Bob Booth

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