Saturday, June 10, 2017


Flowering Tree
     --after Xi Murong

How to arrange us to meet 
at my most auspicious time 
was all my prayer. 
For 500 years 
I prayed for our romance. 
Buddha turned me into a tree 
and I grew along your every path. 
I stood in full bloom in sunlight, 
every flower clutching the seed of my desire. 
When you came near,
would you pay me heed? 
My leaves fluttered in waiting zeal. 
But you walked by 
without taking notice. 
My friend. 
That artifact on the ground 
is no fallen petal 
but a withered heart.

-tr. Duane Vorhees  

 2013TIBE Day5 Hall1 Xi Murong.JPG

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