Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ardita Jatru writes

One day we will get on the train

One day
we will get on the train
We will sit silently inside windows
in drawn faces and aging bodies
without shoulders
and will wait whistle arrival at the station
and then detrain out of sight
and move to a place with soft soil
we will find a small house as a body
and lie down
our heads on a pillow of stone,
with empty pockets.
At that moment we will fly over the open roof
a flock of dreams in colors that we did not apprehend.
We will lengthen our eyesight,
but we will feel like a weak plant
with curved body
that is ready to surrender to the land. 

--tr. Laureta Petoshati 
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 Over the Town -- Marc Chagall

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