Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kabir Deb writes


On the wrong side of the road 

we abandon hope,

Confining the periphery we keep 
distributing the pamphlets,

Pamphlets demanding atrocities 
with hope sweeping his floor,

Knowingly or unknowingly the 
broomstick remains immobile.

I say we already know what a 
wrong path leads to,

Yet deep down we always tremble 
to reach that spot.

Some people see it as collateral damage,

Where two vehicles just bring their 
heads to collide with pride,

But we never resume the clock to see 
that for one it is the right side,

For the already killed body the argument 
is very lame,

As his/her cold dead stream won't flow 
to investigate.

One single picture of the leader keeps 
ticking a bunch of clocks.

Even for him the argument rests in the grave.

It always feels that questions are many 
but the sheet stays blank.

It's a battle of patience between the 
dead and the dictator who wants him/her dead.

Those who raise questions stay as 
the victims of the collision,

Victims whose documents get dissolved 
in the dead blood,

And whose speech evaporates in the 
mid air lurking for a tongue

In which she will get her meaning with 
some verbal communication.
 Collaborative Painting for Paintpushers "Collision" Show  36 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas Artists Chris Vance & Melynda Van Zee © 2016
Collision -- Chris Vance & Melynda Van Zee

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