Monday, May 15, 2017

Tejasvi Saxena writes

“An Absurdity called Hope"

"The gullible eyes look towards the silent shores 
Incredulity of an uncharted course, unknown
I find a kneeled body bent in a muse 
Wearing a gaze with par beyond this cluster of stars

His deformed joints, fractured existence 
Narrate the woeful voyages of his lone battles
A monk was he, in bylanes of Vietnam 
When waves of time swirled through frothy
whirlpools in his unquiet land
And he floated with the nebulous course

He woke up a morning to howls of screams
To burning smell of flesh; reduced to charred piles of lifeless sheaths 
The sheaths that once closeted breaths of life

The monk's eyes sheen with fiery bosom of fires
Raging flames ablaze in reminiscence of bonfires

The burning pyres of fellow monks
With torched creeds of communism
Gobbled up in dark conflagrations

The melange of doctrines are buried with their torch bearers 
Under a buoyant and slippery ground of capitalistic ventures

Monk's indelible quiescence of hope;
Raptures me 
As he hopes!
Which itself is an immemorial self
And an eternal absurdity."
burn, burn, burn by agnes-cecile
 Burn, Burn, Burn -- Silvia Pelissero

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