Tuesday, May 23, 2017

James Babbs writes

Can You Hear Me

can you hear me 
when I’m calling your name 
or am I too far away now 
for my voice to carry 
did you know 
it’s always night time 
somewhere in the world 
somebody’s always dreaming and 
I want to know 
what you’re thinking 
do you ever think about me 
when it’s late in the evening and 
you’re having trouble falling asleep 
I don’t think 
I ever told you this 
but I like getting drunk 
when I’m lonely 
when it’s cold outside and 
it’s Saturday night and 
I don’t feel like going anywhere 
but I keep seeing the lights 
twinkling in the distance 
as if they were stars 
scattered across the sky 
when I’m standing near the window 
listening to the music play 
one of those albums I bought 
many years ago 
when I was just a teenager 
songs I’ve heard 
a thousand times before 
but tonight 
for some unknown reason 
they sound really great
 Image result for night cityscape paintings
 City At Night -- Shabnam Nassir

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