Monday, May 29, 2017

Robin Wyatt Dunn writes

the thing it is
no melody
nor canyon
nor place of rent
the rule of the word
the thought of the absence  
here growing

no one will remember it
for too long
no one can possess it

the winter in summer
and in winter the deeper winter
colder than the sky
it warms the mind
for the work of doing
uttering sleep
shaking the boughs of the trees
the buildings ornery unkept whispering
whispering words
redeeming use

the thing of it
harrows fine
focuses the edges
fears the edge
and the world

old thing for dancing
flinging about your knees on
ringing the old butt on
harmony huge but unbecoming
becoming years

without companion
without compensation

wear the weight for the fortuitous claim of justice
like a warm summer
a light rain

no rain is coming
nor any regret

mark each absence as a ghost
who is speaking

silence is a weapon
a cloud of smoke
bouts of amnesia

the future

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 Poetry Reading -- Irene Sheri

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