Monday, May 29, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

A Faster Cleanup
I’ve watched the documentaries,
Read the news and watched TV.
I wish I weren’t ordinary -
More pedestrian than I would wish to be,
Surrendering to traps of
Entertainment for diversion -
All those mediocre pastimes I accuse the herd
Of needing, and I shan’t excuse my nerdy being
Leaning on that chestnut ‘will is strong but flesh is weak’.
So before you puke I’ll speak
And say, we need a faster cleanup.
Plastic on the ocean bottoms,
Record heats and floods and rain.
Deserts spreading, Arctic’s melting: symptoms
Of the odium of inhumane
Expansions everywhere you look:
The Book of Crooked Modern-day,
Modernity’s last supper.
So, we need a faster cleanup
Mr Trump - and all the others.
 Donald Trump has promised to deregulate poison and pollution — with a new Supreme Court justice, he probably will

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