Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sunil Sharma writes

Remembering dad

On lonely evenings 
sleepless nights 
i sense your presence 
despite the long intervening years.

you died on Feb 13, 1978 
but are always with me 
staying forever 
in a remembering heart.

Like the first rains 
after tropical summer 
your presence cleanses and soothes 
and refreshes/revives 
a soul dulled like 
the scorched earth and makes 
the burnt-out black-brown patches 

Some encounters are like that only.

Some days or nights 
buffeted by the winds of change 
a bit low, solitary, in pain 
insulated in your cocoon 
in an urban India, indifferent, 
we get connected via such bridges spanning  
the flow of ceaseless time --- 
you and I, again 
such rare moments --- fascinating!

a mind capable of resurrecting you 
boldly snatching you from the Oblivion 
and making you again --- come alive!
 Portrait of Backyard
 Portrait of My Back Yard -- Trevor Nickolls

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