Sunday, May 28, 2017

J. S. Aanand writes


Our world of extended civilities 
Is counterbalanced
by the world of the beasts
unattended by artificial norms
of social engineering.
They too have their society
Perhaps more advanced
than the human
For there is no superficiality
No abnormality
No duplicity.
They are what they are.
They feel what they feel.
They do what they do
There is no division
Between what is
and what should have been.
We the masters lack
such clarity of inhuman wisdom.
To err is human. We begin
To forgive, divine. Goes the refrain.
I wonder
Where the nether world of reality breaks
With our superficial world.
And only one point at which both these worlds depart is
Just one action after defecation.
We use water.
They leave it to God.
 Alta Fjord engravings

Defecating elk, Altafjorden, Finnmark, Norway, ca 4200-500 BCE

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