Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heather Jephcott writes

Let Your Love  (A Prayer)

Let Your love
sweep through our lives today,
on waking up, getting up,
help us to put on a happy face
full of smiles, consideration,
being, feeling, refreshed in Your cool fresh breezes
to face a world sometimes contrary
to us and others, often dragging our feet.

Let Your mercies
new every morning, revive our hearts
Your healthy goodness helping us to recover
joy deep down, working its way
into loving words and actions.

Let Your love
already shown become ours
as we enter into others' lives,
together with you as friendly redeemers.
thank you for Your love that led to such anguish
enduring all for the joy set before.

Let Your love
calm our hearts today,
may the fragrance of Your life be tangible
to us, in us, help us to keep touching each other
with words and actions seeping with love,
responding with gratitude, humility, repentance
to Your love, a love that forgives, forgets
and doesn't bring up the past

Let your love
be so powerful that others may see
and reach out and find You, Your love
realizing deep within that Your love is real,
no figment of anyone's imagination.
 Morning Breeze by Musicalpaintings
 Morning Breeze --Saul Dzorelashvili

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