Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Peycho Kanev writes

Critique of Pure Death

Meandering path in the woods,
disappearing into the oblivion of time
with darkness and sunlight and
little birds seeding the sky.

Always remember: you’re someone
who will become someone else.

And among the trees at night
there’s a different kind of silence,
not like the one in the city
where the neon hisses its way
along the boulevards where
on the corners smoking kindersluts
wait in terror for the morning
to come and to vanish when
the plastic sun licks the white
underbellies of the clouds.

Don’t forget: you’re

The city in its childhood hour
is made of nakedness and first-born light;
I hide inside its bowels from
the years that will follow and
calendars on the walls of the world
screaming deafeningly at damp parks
full of hypodermic teens and
steps that are someone else's,
echoing through the morning fog
just to remind you that
if there are people about, you're alive.

Always remember and
don’t forget: just to be
here and everywhere else. 

 Stephane Nouzarede | @andwhatelse:

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  1. A kinderslut is a person, especially a girl, who is considered sexually promiscuous at an age that is considered "too young" by cultural or sociological standards. In the 1990s a kinderwhore clothing style was associated with grunge music. It presented a contrast between a traditional youthful look and sexually provocative one and featured torn, ripped tight or low-cut babydoll and peter pan collared dresses, slips, heavy makeup with dark eyeliner, barrettes, and leather boots or Mary-Jane shoes. Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland was the first to define it, and her former roommate, Kurt Cobain's wife Courtney Love (of Hole) popularized it (though Love claimed that her inspiration came from the Divinyls frontwoman Christina Amphlett.) Claudio Paul Sanchez III and Travis Stever were members together in a number of rock bands; after Toxic Parents broke up they formed Beautiful Loser (named after a 1966 novel by Leonard Cohen) in March 1995; when Stever left in June, the resultant trio called itself Shabütie (a word meaning "naked prey" taken from African tribal chants in Cornel Wilde's 1965 film "The Naked Prey"). After Shabütie released the "Penelope" EP in 1999 Stever returned to the band. Then, when the drummer walked out on a performance, the band regrouped in Paris as Coheed and Cambria, named after comic book characters Sanchez created there: Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon, who lived in a galaxy known as Heaven's Fence. Sanchez's continuing comic book concept stories would unify the group's albums (as well as his other musical projects such as The Prize Fighter Inferno's "My Brother's Blood Machine" in 2006, which was intended as a prequel to the Coheed and Cambria albums, and a novel, "Year of the Black Rainbow," cowritten in 2010 with Peter David) until the band's eighth album, "The Color Before the Sun" in 2015, which embodied a musical memoir of his life. The song "Kinderwhore" was recorded by Shabütie:
    Feed us, tease us
    I've got this power in my genitals
    Let me go on for
    Tease me, I'll stand high
    Attention deficit
    Don't pull short of what I'm near

    I will tease her

    Beautiful, a tease, yea.
    Can your dick support your body weight?
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    Yea, yea, ..?
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    And I'll wait, ah-hai
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    You've got the best of me, yeah
    Figured out
    Cause I'm not afraid, tease her
    You've got the best of me, yeah
    Figured out


    I went, I went to the bottom,
    I slip, for me it's you
    Oh sweet, as papa's girl should be
    Oh shit, what have I found?

    I twisted
    And my arms hurt
    And I took down
    Oh yeah to the bottom
    Do I scare you?
    Well I should be
    (Its broken) I bore them

    You know youll break in scaredom
    You wont fight when your sore
    Come on you have to break that change
    Youll slip when your sore
    Get up, arent your arms still working?
    Youll slip when your sore
    Come here I could use that again...


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