Saturday, April 22, 2017

Micheal Ace writes


There is something in your eyes
That makes me feel at home
Immortality dwells in your arms
When they wrap around my bones
My heart steps to 'rock and roll'
Everytime you ray your brow

I am lost in this poem
Just because I find you there
But tell them I'm not coming back
Because these rhymes are my paradise
If your fears are the layers of ozone
Àwèró, I shall burn myself to CO

Your smile is the path of saints
When they stare so long at the sky
Your hair falls like the rain
When it dares to kiss the earth
If perfection is what you desire
Then stay the way you are

There are nine planets on my tongue
We shall merrily sojourn in there
When my eyes glance at your wrongs
I shall watch them sail to their ends
If your tears ever lose one drop
I will fetch an ocean back in love

So let me make you a woman tonight
Let me write a song for your sleeps
For when it finds a place in your mouth
A baby shall drop from your skin
Then our story shall begin it's prologue
And we can build ourselves a mirror


1 comment:

  1. Àwèró is a Yoruba female pet-name meaning "one who is bathed or washed in preparation for petting, dressing, feeding, etc."


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