Monday, April 24, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

No Longer A Mystery

No longer arcane, secret, esoteric: for the few.
Attention to, climbing into
The feeling out,
Pinpointing this and that:
The what? The mind,
And what it stands for,
And above all, that it’s You!
Where are the You?
You’ve not a clue.
Here, there, and everywhere
Inside the rest;
Adoring cells dwelling inside,
Wanting to do things at your dear request
Because they’re each the precious, cherished,
Prized bequest
The mind has willed.
Mind/body and, if you’re that special type,
With special hope,
Whose aims are simple:
Make you whole
And give you all you’re worthy of.
You’re worth it all. 
You’re lucky to be living now.
There are no secrets without key,
And keys abundant there to know
To share,
Take use.
It’s just to choose which one,
Have fun,
A bit of discipline
And lifelong application.

 JMH keys painting by Paci Hammond
 JMH Keys -- Paci Hammond

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  1. Journal of Mental Health (JMH) is published bi-monthly. Established in March 1992 by Ray Hodgson of the University of Wales College of Medicine, Centre of Applied Public Health Medicine, Cardiff, the editors insisted from the start that "we have no intention of adding to the multitude of lightly thumbed, tenuously relevant and uninteresting journals accumulating in our libraries and on our bookshelves." Instead, the object was to publish "work which will have a direct impact upon our daily clinical practice, which is thought-provoking and which challenges assumptions and methods in mental health."


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