Saturday, April 8, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

After A Terror Deed  (this time in Stockholm)

When terror deeds occur,
Him/her is wounded, killed,
Stay still.
You are in you and where you are,
Most likely far away
Watching the telly,
Shocked, the nightmare in your eyes.
You’re wise.
You stay collected.
Though connected you dismiss
The hate, the fear,
Your present now
To feel how it is in wholeness
And in peace.
The only answer.

But beware.
(Risk statistic in your favor).
Just remember,
You are always here
Inside your now.
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  1. On 7 April a terrorist stole a beer truck and drove it into a crowd in the pedestrianized Drottninggatan (Queen Street) shopping district of central Stockholm, targeting children, swerving from side to side to hit as many people as possible, injuring 15 and killing 4. The truck smashed into the Åhléns department store and caught on fire as the masked hijacker fled; police later found explosives inside. A witness described "a man covered in blood lying on his stomach. And a boy and a child who people were running towards. Another body on the ground was just split in two.... I went outside and walked past what I thought as some rubbish. Then I realized it was a severed hand and a leg." Another saw "a lady lying with a severed foot. There was blood everywhere. There were bodies on the ground everywhere, and a sense of panic, people standing by their loved ones, but also people running away." The tactic of using vehicles to commit indiscrminate carnage was first suggested in a 2010 directive from al-Qaeda and since then has been used in Nice, Berlin, and London.


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