Friday, April 7, 2017

Kiriti Sengupta writes

we were walking down the solitary lane 
from light to a dark end
we two men saw twin selves

but not in flesh

the shadows
they emerged from their mortal frames
although thinner

but didn’t hesitate to grow longer and even surpassed

as we went ahead

our shadows cherished every bit of the lightlessness

until a sudden gush of glow bathed us

Image result for shadow menShadow Men -- Catarina Costa Fernandes


  1. The fleshless twin selves in the poem Illumination, the alter egos of the poet's peronas, walking down the solitary lane to the dark end of death, looking like mere shadows, growing longer in size and realising the sudden gush of divine light, the after life on them.The expression of the wishful thinking of man about his final journey reminds me of the metaphysical poems in English, for the conceits used and the colour and the bright of the death wish.Interesting read, indeed.

  2. Line breaks after 'longer' and 'cherish' would make it sound better. And I also feel that 'although' is an excess; 'thinner' alone is okay. -- Tuhin Sanyal

    1. Thank you, Tuhin! That's like my brother-poet! I'll certainly keep your lines in my mind as I include the poem in one of my forthcoming collections.

      BTW, forget about syntax, what is your opinion on the poem?


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