Monday, April 3, 2017

chester giles writes


moths all about the room
    and grey brown bugs
with wings and skin like cigarette paper 

crawling the curtains
     broken rail 

 the book shelves
the creatures in the ceiling,
   in the attic
up through the square wood hatch

i can hear my neighbours
the other tenants

the moths settle on the bed sheets

   move across my skin 
and probably into my mouth when i am sleeping

nicotine yellow bugs do their thing in silver
up against the ash tray   
    in the bottoms of the drinks glasses
or beneath the bedside lamp

up inside its white plastic shade
on top of the hifi speaker

 small bug fucking - 
the whole room is their oyster

they must move across my closed eye lids


  a slight flutter
but mostly slow moving

they hold dominion
         in the 7 up cans
       the record sleeves
in between the boxes
   and the dust covers
fly out from the laundry when they want to

i try not to disturb them too much
i leave the window open

 30,000 swarming paper moths consume gallery walls
 Black Cloud  -- Carlos Amorales

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