Monday, May 18, 2020

Sinchan Chatterjee writes


The God and the Human
(In me)
Play see-saw all day
To see which one outweighs the other:
The human self sins and repents,
And the God self forgives and smiles
And washes the slate clean;
It's a ritual. They do it every day. 

Until one day
The weight of the sins is so heavy,
It dries up all the mercy
In God's pocket,
And with a dull thud
The human side
Crashes onto the ground,
Then into it,
And digs a hole -- so deep
It reaches the womb of Brahma.

On the other end of the see-saw,
With the supplicant's sacrifice
On bowed knees
At His altar,
The God
And soars
Until the sun
Is a halo around his head.

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