Monday, May 18, 2020

Mike Zone writes

Masks in the streets 

Masks in the streets
the lions don’t roar
there’s masks in the streets
spilling left over contagion
from the sheets
masks in the streets
from hot summer night excursions
pornographic pandemic rendezvous
where the infected
slip and slide
in one another
thrusting towers
in secret wonderment
masks in the streets
same as it ever was
only in your face
behind dwindling daylight veils
how morning dew resembles
viral fever sweat
masks in the streets
death-rattle blues
let’s disregard folly and forget social contract lies
let’s commit our crimes at sunrise
high noon armed robbery at the food bank
dressed as Dali
masks in the streets
we’ll shoot fake healthcare workers in cold blood
spreading whatever it is around
in protest for their haircuts
and yelling at waitstaff
masks in the streets.
-- Jeff Kowalsky

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