Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Mark Borczon writes

A library for scarecrows
There are fish hooks dragging

The deep water with harmonicas
As their swaying bait

Silence wants a song the same way
I want some whiskey and
My youth

There should be library for scarecrows
Full of field mice and ghosts
It should be as haunted as a river

One straw hand will reach for a harp
Put it to his burlap mouth
And be pulled from this quiet

Playing a howling blues
Against the moving of water
Ascending from the library

Rushing towards the surface
Braking like whale
Bouying like an over board guitar

The ghosts and the mice spilling
From his lips like song
With the hook set deep and true

And then the lamantations of
Scarecrows and of blues song
Escaping the library

Playing in memory
Of my lost and silent

Paul Klee (Swiss-German Untitled hand puppet (Ghost of a Scarecrow), 45 cm, Collection Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. Paul Klee, James Ensor, Plastic Art, Effigy, Hand Puppets, Old Dolls, Love Craft, Soft Sculpture, Summer Art Ghost of a Scarecrow -- Paul Klee

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