Sunday, February 16, 2020

Holly Day writes


The astronaut drifts, or stays perfectly still, or is yanked
thousands of miles a minute through space -- it’s hard to tell
because it’s space, and all three scenarios are a possibility.
It’s only when the body collides with something solid
can one tell how fast the astronaut is moving
or how fast the object hitting the white-suited figure is.

Until collision, the white-suited body will continue
still or drifting or speeding through space, frozen and perfect
for thousands of years, or maybe there is just enough oxygen
left in the suit to allow the microbes that cause decay to continue
breaking the body down until there is nothing
but the clean, white eye sockets of a skull staring through the glass

or perhaps the organisms will live only long enough to collapse
the eyes inward, to stretch the skin gaunt, before asphyxiating themselves
or perhaps some combination of time and temperature
the fluctuating gravities of passing comets and nearby planets
will cause the body to disintegrate under forces we know nothing about

rendering the astronaut to a boot full of dust
glittering particles indistinguishable from the stuff of stars. 
Image result for dead astronaut picture
Dead Astronaut -- Christopher Warren  

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