Saturday, January 13, 2018

Armeli Quezon writes

God's handiwork is so enthralling...
Enthralling, it is, serenity, it brings
Brings to the heart and soul divinely
Divinely, it soothes the feelings
Feelings of love, peace and dreams
Dreams within the heart to share
Share with spirituality to someone so dear!
Dear in selfless unity for purposes, plans and life
Life to gear to share with others the heritage, the antiquity
Antiquity and renovations of one's birth place and ancestry
Ancestry to reverence and keep flowing
Flowing to the youth and all.
All then will remember the past, basis for today and the future to come
Come with improvements but with the past intact
Intact to remind us that without the past there is no present
Present that is future's I am in serenity
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God's Handiwork -- MisstheWarrior

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