Saturday, April 1, 2017

Robin Wyatt Dunn writes

here now
by rail
over coffee
in the morning
my lightning
and your heartache
the medulla of the season
and the reach of the earth

each heart
makes news
in the aftermath of explosions
in the religion of the heart
all expiations are journeys
into one another

the balcony
over the plaza
the leer
of the goat
the long arm
and the majesty
of the revolution

summons all its girth
for the lunch
breaks its bread
and its wind
for the long march
to epiphany

sing out
this season
for your family
over the globe

and make amends
with the dirt
under your boots
Walt Whitman is watching
what we are up to

I am watching

the sky turn red

Image result for red sky paintings
Cielo Rojo (Red Sky) -- Omar Ortiz

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