Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nick Burnett writes

I Peter Pan 
Away from my body 
Every night 
Bee feeding my imagination 
Fictionly speaking 
From a boy 
Form a man 
My dreams 
Living the day is a gift 
Truth for that to be thankful 
Mindful disobedience 
It is he who has spoken consciously 
Forever hold your peace 
Held closest most inner being 
Eternal heart flame 
Cast me a shadow 
So my soul may live on mate alone 
Budding flowering blossoming 
In seasons of death 
Rebirth carnations 
But a rose 
Stemming of elegance 
Of my bitter sweet romance 
Of the very life I live today 
May my word alone be my living Legacy 
To the I offer my kingdom 
Giving all that I have
 Peter Pan on a Branch, scene from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J.M Barrie, 1912 - Arthur Rackham
 Peter Pan on a Branch -- Arthur Rackham

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