Monday, April 23, 2018

Zo writes

Give In Ta Love...

The Music of Soul,
iZ Filled with Grandiose-TuneZ/
Endless-MelodieZ Flow,
Till ItZ Symphony ConsumeZ/.
4 in this "Allowance"}
All ThingZ R in Balance}
Thus DreamZ Manifest,
OneZ Gifts & their Talents}.
We R Meant 2 Share\\
Not Meant 2 Keep--
those who hoard will despair\\
Then abhor lack of sleep--
the reason that rivers run deep--
never listenin^
ta Orchestral-OceanZ O' Sweet--
4 itZ Glistenin^
such Beautiful noteZ on Repeat--
on a Mission^
of Blissful-Devotion we Seek--
Similar SoulZ on a quest so ta Speak--
Till We Know All The MountainZ,
The ValleyZ, That Peak--.
This World iZ Ur Dancefloor__'
Whilst StarZ Dance Above/+\
Take The Wisdom U're here 4__'
Give In Ta Love/+\.

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Dancing With The Stars -- Pablo Montes

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