Monday, April 16, 2018

Mike Zone writes

a body is a canvas in pursuit of the divine

painted by the strokes of electric toil and stately minds 

veering through the halls of sin and envy

wisdom and ecstasy, nobility savagery

human minds live inside bodies 

which animate the dream of living?

sometimes another mind can sense another mind - not of the hive 

a unique snow flake of a drone not melted by the roaring flames of disaster

to know another mind behind a wall of flesh, skin, organs and traveling neurons

is freedom without living - being without expense,

you can look at rough shod scars, psychic lesions wondering about bloated livers 

wilted bladders and exploding kidneys...

existence, living at expense never really knowing, 

mirrors are useful, not pristine pretty things of personalized clarity

unblemished ego-driven sloth-plow shows 

but black - not of bleak star dust extinction daze 

universal waters parting seas of infinity

maybe it's all too cosmic and a body is just spasticly animated meat on bone 

ejaculating where it can in a plethora of ways - in the great race of seeding and despairing

should these words have been about beauty? the simplicity of living without wanton yearnings? 

soulful exploration against dismal social engineering that maybe the entire world is sick of hearing?

pushing those hands of the doomsday clock that much closer...

I wouldn't sound the alarm just yet

the beauty and treacherous brutality of it all 

is truth and interwoven deception in madcap confusion,

o, paint a horse with jet-engine legs or sculpt a torso without heart 

delivering a wedding cake to the viper wearing a veil of black spiders

there's crystals to be polished and shattered

regardless shards always catch the light to cast shadows.
Human Figurative Sculpture by sculptor artist Nicola Axe titled: 'Heart Chakra Torso (Semi abstract Contemporary Torso Carving statue)' in Portland stone, glass, stoneycombe marble
Heart Chakra Torso -- Nicola Axe 

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