Saturday, April 21, 2018

Megha Sood writes


My soul flinches at the
very mention of your name
My fingers tremble in the night
as I recall the nightmare
like a bad movie
stuck on the reels
I want to scrape the
memory of yours
want to mask it with the
empty memories of
my life
the stench of your
sickening presence
has suffocated me
for so long
has left an abyss in my soul
even if I’m blinded
by the goodness
of the light surrounding me
you still can manage
to cast a shadow
and eclipse my heart
with all the pain
I have been
hiding all along
the shivering, trembling
and those seizures of
incessant pain
never seems to slow down
the gut-wrenching
feel of your touch
which scarred my soul
has left a deep impression
which I so want to ignore
Not a single day passes
when I wish your
existence should
be a glitch
in nature
fixing the mistake of
an excuse for a human you are
and everything I hope for
becomes pure and true again
and I forever wake up from the
the bad dream that you are.
 -- Borna Bevanda


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