Monday, April 30, 2018

Lynn Long writes


Only in letting go
can the bittersweet
ache of the soul
feel free
For the heart
will bleed again
and again
Loving always
without end
Image result for two fridas kahlo paintings 

Las dos Fridas -- Frida Kahlo

 Related imageUnos cuantos piquetitos! -- Frida Kahlo


  1. "The Two Fridas" was painted by Frida Kahlo in 1939, the year she divorced Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (they remarried in 1940). It was her 1stlarge-scale work and the most valuable one (bought by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes for 4,000 pesos [$1,000] plus 36 pesos for the frame) during her lifetime. The Frida in traditional Tehuana dress holds a small portrait of Rivera, and the one in the white Victorian-style dress holds the forceps that severed her main artery. Four years earlier she had painted "A Few Small Nips" after learning about Rivera's affair with her sister Cristina; the picture was based on a newspaper report about a jealous murderder defending his actions in court against an unfaithful woman, telling the judge "it was just a few small nips."

  2. Thank you Duane Vorhees for publishing my poem,
    "Heartbreak" Also I really appreciate the trivia you always include along with the various artwork, photos, and images chosen to accompany the poem... Mucha Gracias, Lynn


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