Thursday, April 19, 2018

Joy V. Sheridan writes

Time Passeth 

Wayfarer, know you the hour 

Which points to the clock on distant tower 
Is it too early or is it too late 
To fix for eternity love’s true template 
And have you seen inside 
The cog and lock which makes for the running 
Like ship into dry dock – 
And what of the second  
Which slips away 
And does the passer-by have much to say?

As he or she reaches the hour 

Keep love safe,  
Not inside an ivory tower. 
Let love skip free and for every minute 
Know that he or she 
Will wear the badge  
Of the subscriber when – 
For who can tell this hour ten?

What love an eternity makes 

And for love,  
Nothing would the clock-maker forsake. 
So hush now to tick, tick, tock 
It is the memory of key in lock 
Passing the hours on all who pray 
For peace to abstain  
But to lead the way. 
Lead the way  
Into peace for mankind 
Do you see what measures tie  
Time’s own secreted line? 

140-year-old Harrisonburg clock tower to get new glass

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