Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Paul Brookes writes

A Queued  

Life. Born to this line
Of cotted bairns,

Crocodiled infants,
Slumped with others outside

A locked classroom,
Marshalled exams desks,

Job interview staring at strangers,
Ranked at work,

Drs, dentists waiting rooms,
appointmented even my wedding.

Waiting list for a council house,
Parents evening lined up with others

Listed as deceased in papers, online.
Regimented plaque for my cremation.

As that world ends another begins.
Join another queue, another thought

of final judgement already delivered,
or forever pended.
Image result for queue paintings
Queue -- Aleksei Sundukov

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  1. A council house is a form of public or social housing built by local municipalities in the UKingdom and Ireland; a council estate is a building complex containing many council houses and other amenities such as schools and shops. Their design has been prescribed by a series of housing acts beginning with the Public Health Act of 1875. They have been built variously for military veterans and the working class, as general housing for all or for the poor, or as parts of slum clearance programs.


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