Saturday, April 21, 2018

J. S. Aanand writes


Taken off from the waters
in the form of a drop,
I exist
even when the drop
turns invisible, and rises
to the skies
for a liquid dispensation.

Once in this atmosphere,
I wonder
if anything can go anywhere.

We are just here.

The spirit
which longs for the immortal
finds a counter point
in the body and mind
lusting for desires.

The spirit goes back
for audit
And the body returns
to the stage
in a different guise.

What I lacked
was the knowledge: what I was doing and what I am doing now?

I can't have all the knowledge
For that would simply
explode my head.

Can I hear all the noise of the Universe?

A brain is a drop of water
Contains essentialities
yet it cannot fathom
the reality of the ocean.

Our eyes too see bit by bit
Of our surroundings
Can we see back and forth at the same time?
Image result for reincarnation paintings
Reinkarnacja -- Tomek Setowski

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