Saturday, April 14, 2018

ApBob Mitchell shoots

Ira Keller Fountain, Portland, Oregon

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  1. Lawrence Halprin designed an 8-block Open Space Sequence of public spaces in Portland in the 1960s and 1970, a series of parks that employed the various environments of the region. The 1970 Forecourt Fountain, done in association with his project designer Angela Danadjieva, features 25-foot waterfalls and concrete terraces and platforms that recall the nearby Columbia River Gorge. In 1978 it was renamed after Ira C. Keller, the chairman of the Portland Development Commission who was responsible for organizing the project. Every minute 13,000 gallons of water recirculate through the sculpture, and the pool hold 75,000 gallons. It officially opened shortly after the Portland State University protests, and Halprin expressed the "hope this will help us live together as a community, both here and all over this planet Earth" before wading into its pool in his jacket and tie. Ada Louise Huxtable, who that year became the 1st Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, called it "one of the most important urban spaces since the Renaissance."


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