Monday, July 17, 2017

Susan E.Oser writes


And so I stand before
The next generation
The one I'm supposed to represent and recruit
Even I don't know my kind
I'm supposed to recruit and tell
My kind to come and join
Be inspired
Be mentored
Learn new life skills
But they're nowhere to be found
Even in my younger years
I never really connected to people of my own
It was always older or younger
And I grew up to respect the older
I'm supposed to represent that age group
That was deemed lazy and uninspired
Thanks to the 1990s slacker movement
It was that movement 
That has pushed technology
Seeing what was possible
From the impossible
When it isn't
But my kind now has changed
From slacker to hardworker
Sometimes 2-3 jobs
Just to pay the bills
And pay for our elders
Pension funds when they retire
My generation
The one you want and should volunteer
To help keep the movement and dreams alive
And yet,
You can't have us
We're unreachable
Because we are so busy
But we have no choice
You didn't believe in us
And we had to work hard to prove it to you
That we're worth it too
And still are
But now that we have
We have to work even harder
To prove to someone else
Our existence
Our voice
Our weariness
But we can't
Because we got stuck with the check
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