Saturday, July 8, 2017

Heather Jephcott writes

The Journey To Find Greed and Its Opposite

(This is long......It is a journey....only take it if you have the patience and the ability to pay attention..)

Not all the journeys we travel
are full of beauty
I was asked to go on another tour of discovery,
this time into the world of greed
to survey and discover
the meaning of this stench that I smelt around
so many corners
and that I had tried to stop infecting me.
I did not want to go
but felt a compunction to see and reveal the truth,
the dark ugliness of greed
that so many, so very many
consider wonderful, even beautiful
even leading to
their heart's desire.

The first stop was the obvious,
the lights ahead,
ugly in flashy brightness
and repetitive in their pushiness
I saw the world of gross advertising
beaconing with promises of desires met
of happiness if we have, this, that, anything
that they suggest.
I saw how ads had managed to
creep as well
and into every possible spot
infesting, attacking, with lies,
lies and more lies.

I moved on to more bright lights
even flashier this time and
my stomach felt bloated with the sights
the lights of cities, of Vegas
and then go queasy
as I saw hearts taken up with the love of gambling
getting rich quick schemes
a myriad of various designs
but all with the same goal
of getting more, much more, with little
the hope being to win and win more
and hopefully to win big, mind boggling
obesely big.

I needed to close my eyes,
to give them a moment's rest........
on opening I witnessed
the wild world of concentration
the excitement of possibilities
tattslotto, tatts, races, betting, chances of big bucks
I saw people throwing their money away
in the hope of making more,
I saw people growing poor
amidst the reliance on chance
willing to give up their own little, much
and others' little that they also took for themselves
to just make a win.
I saw how greed made life into a game
of trying to win, win, win.
This winning was diabolical.

I was becoming aware that the more
I looked, the more the portliness of the world
before me was beginning to touch me with its fulsomeness
and the more this happened
the more I wanted to vomit.
Could I go on?
I gazed at people's eyes and saw
money signs written,
this was their love, their dream
their number one desire
that if they had just enough, or more than enough,
all their desires could be met.
The lie was so strong, the message so insistent.

I moved on and found greed growing and growing
lush and strong
I saw that people's stomachs had also become
their gods.
Time, energy, dreams was given to thinking, working out how to fill distended flabby grossness.
Many had lost any idea of stopping before greed crept in.
Few knew when they had had enough.
Few gave thought to need rather than desire
and foods were being created that would help them to keep on eating and never
to feel full.
I saw how blankness had come into the minds of so many
with no desire to consider God's foods
but only their own instant requisition.
Before me I saw people wallowing in this sea of poison
taking from its superabundance without a thought
to the negative effects.

The addictiveness of greed, of the things we long to have,
to consume I witnessed coming into my own life
and surrounding me.
The accumulation of stuff for oneself and those we feel belong to us,
perhaps taking more than our fair share but never thinking so,
our needs getting mixed up with greed.
I knew this was a heart issue.
I was in the middle of a world being handed technology
without much thought given to its good use.
I saw how we were being made greedy with desire for instant pleasure,
stupidly thinking we always have a right to be in contact with another,
playing games whenever we want, see in  whatever we like.
Truly concerned thoughts for others were disappearing
as we quickly moved from one person to another.
Wars and destruction were on every level
and the repair had barely begun.

The sirens were blasting me and I wanted to turn them off
I wanted safety from the glare and blare of greed
I wanted to rid myself of any desire to become wealthy
of feeling that if I had more I would be happier,
I wanted to forget that which accompanies greed and to do away
with it, throwing it far from me.....
even the thoughts of a new vehicle before truly needing one,
desires for anything that I do not truly need.

And in my journey to the outside and the inside world
I became aware of what it was I was looking for....
the opposite of greed,
I did find people who were smiling, happy with their lot,
content in the knowledge that God would supply all their needs
as they trusted in Him.
I saw that these were the people who were able to be
generous, wholeheartedly.
They were not worried about tomorrow
knowing tomorrow would be taken care of. 
Their generous willingness to share was so beautiful
because it did not always seem to come
with great wealth
but was found also amidst those regarded as poor
but these were the poor who knew that they were rich.
I found this contentment in spots all across
the stratas of society.
It caused my heart to sing, to smile
to breathe freely of wholesomeness.

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