Monday, July 17, 2017

Ike writes

A Lonely Boy

How lonely can a boy be.
Standing in the middle of the 
playground alone.
He stands alone.
He throws a rock at a 
Coke can.
The sound echoes through
the junglegym.
He plays alone.
So lonely he is invisible.
How lonely can a boy be?

Image result for jungle gym paintingsJungle Gym -- Ozeki Ritsuko


  1. The jungle gym (monkey bars or climbing frame) is playground equipment made of many pieces of plasti, metal pipe, or rope, on which children can climb, hang, or sit. It was invented in 1920, patented by lawyer Sebastian Hinton in Chicago, and sold under the trademarked name Junglegym. His second prototype was moved from Horace Mann School in 1940 to Crow Island School, in Winnetka, Illinois, an elementary school (kindergarten through 4th grade now) known for its progressive philosophy. Hinton's father was a mathematician who had built a similar structure from bamboo when Hinton was a child in order to provide an intuitive understanding of Cartesian coordinates in 3-dimensional space in conjunction with a game in which numbers for the x, y, and z axes were called out and each child would try to be the first to grasp the indicated junction.

  2. Who is that lonely boy? Maybe he is the very people who read this poem. For nowaday though the scientific technology has greatly advanced we all feel lonely everyday every time. But I think there are very right ways to get rid of the loneliness. One of the those is writng poems the moment you feel lonely.


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