Sunday, August 14, 2016

Don Beukes writes

Beauty Captured

You might look at me most curiously 
wondering why my gesture is not  
executed more furiously
or perhaps you expect me to amuse
adopt a gaze rather obtuse,
My delicate touch
reveals significantly much
a revealing painful path
tainted in ruby rouge red
has led me here
to beauty captured instead,
Beyond murky muddled waters
and a wire mesh mess
my isolated existence surpressed
my primate persistence,
Orphaned at birth
a lifetime disturbed
my captors ferocious
pre-historic raptors,
My speech and thoughts muted
my destined existence not suited
yet left me here to wither
I wanted to breathe no further
until that astonishing sight of floral
aromatic might
luring me into
amber ambient light.

Now look at me
Slowly healing
from a life fractured,
Finally able to touch -

Beauty captured.

Beauty Captured--Casper De Vries

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  1. Don writes: "The first poem has an original abstract artwork attached, by South African artist/comedian/satirist/online radio host CASPER DE VRIES for which I wrote the poem 'Beauty Captured' for my SA debut exhibition (in absentia) last year of nine bespoke poems to accompany the artworks at the Alice Art Gallery near Johannesburg in an exclusive collaboration with the artist, of which three have been published. One in Section 8 Magazine and in SyZyGy Journal and two in Prachya Review."

    Casper De Vries was born in Pretoria, South Africa, where his parents owned a toy shop. He performs in a variety of comedy styles and has been quite outspoken on a number of controversial topics. Among the characters he has invented are: Oom Kallie Marie, an old-fashioned Afrikaner, though he has a gay son; Greetje Appelmoes , a Dutch woman who is full of advice; Montelle Jansen van Rensburg, a homosexual ex-flight attendant; Blertsie du Toit, a mentally disabled young boy; Patience Candida April, a former prostitute and retired alcoholic; and Gizelle Serfontein , a news anchor and porn star. In 2004 while on trial for terror attacks in South Africa it was revealed that Boeremag, a radical right-wing group, had plans to assassinate De Vries because he "was not on the right path". In 2013 he announced that he was going to retire from one-man stand-up comedy shows after nearly three decades; "Now I can concentrate on my painting."


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