Monday, August 1, 2016

Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman writes


Sharp and piercing!
glamorous and glowing!
Her presence is impossible
to catch you unattentioned.
She carries the complexion of the
streams that flow in our pipelines.
Sometimes scary and
very dangerous.

A perfect gentleman,
cool, calm and collected.
He stretches across the globe,
gives our roofing envelope its description,
and reflects on the deep seas.
He's made several appearances on social networks

Bold and resilient!
A glance at the botanic realm
reveals his presence. He symbolizes
life and growth. Plus, a sign of

Meeker than a lamb,
bright and plain,
spotless and immaculate.
She portrays peace and

He holds a wild reputation.
Close your eyes if you wish to see him.
He conceals anything. Taking a break
in the day to appear in the night
Often frightening and terrific to
young bloods. None of his brethren
have thicker roots, save

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