Monday, August 8, 2016

Glory Sasikala writes


Love, you oughto know
that in my mind,
we're together.
the hours are long and still.
they allow for laughter and silence
when all we do
is look into each others' eyes
and speak volumes.
the cold wintry mornings
are spent
wound around each other
I watch the steam from our cups
and you read the newspaper.
the dog must be fed.
sometimes we go for long leisurely walks
to see if the first bloom has arrived.
there is a letter from a loved one
we share and laugh over.
yes, love, the hours are all ours
in my mind, in my dreams
even as i pick my bag
and munch through a hurried breakfast
to try to catch a train
that will be gone before I arrive at the station
yes, love, the first blooms are there somewhere
and the picture of you misted over.

Le Train Bleu or La Rue Aux Tramways -- Paul Delvaux

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