Monday, August 29, 2016

George Reece sings, plays, writes....


This is gonna be the greatest,
This is gonna beat 'em all.
This is gonna be amazing,
Watch me as I fall.

You can't take away the feeling,
You don't argue with the call.
I'm above a billion people,
Watch me as I fall.

The dream where I've been living,
It's not where I belong.
I feel like I've been giving up a lot.
The secret I've been keeping,
It sounds just like a song.
I'm saving light and sweeping up the dark.

This is gonna make me happy,
This is gonna stand up tall.
This is gonna make 'em listen,
Watch me as I fall.

It's you where I've been living.
It's you where I belong.
It's you that I've been missing all along.

This is gonna make me better,
Watch me as I fall
From you.


Julia Marshall-Mead
Joe Siddle

Directed and Edited by George O'Regan

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